There Is Something You Should Never Do When a Child Has Chickenpox and That Very Few People Know

Chicken pox in children is extremely delicate, so you have to know what kind of medicines to take , there is a very peculiar case of a small named Lewis who got chicken pox, his mother Hayley thought that when visiting a health center would be enough to treat The disease in a few days, however, never imagined the following.

The health center doctors prescribed infant ibuprofen for the inflammation of chicken pox, Hayley listened to the doctors and supplied it to her son, since she did not consider herself an expert on the subject to question the medical prescription that had been given to her Prescribed. Over time, she was able to verify that although infant ibuprofen is common in treating various diseases, it is not recommendable for chicken pox , because she realized that the health of Lewis, his son, began to worsen, suffering an increase in Temperature and blisters were growing and were painful.

Although doctors thought it was a normal case of chicken pox in children, Hayley’s maternal instinct was activated immediately, it turns out that Lewis contracted septicemia and had to be hospitalized quickly, the child’s health condition was not aggravated because his Mother in front of this situation presentited that it was not normal and I take it to a hospital. Hayley set out as a mission to warn other parents about the danger involved in taking ibuprofen as a treatment for chickenpox in children, she is currently sharing images of her son’s reaction to the medication, taking him to a hospital bed.

The publication that decided to share has been seen more than 430,000 times and continues to grow , in fact, the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health explained that not only parents should be aware but doctors about the risk involved in treating cases of chickenpox In children with ibuprofen.

Hayley Warns About Chickenpox in Children

Hayley continues to warn all parents about chicken pox in children, these are part of the messages that can be observed in your Facebook account:

The chickenpox season begins this year so I remind all parents NOT to use ibuprofen

– 4 doctors from our health center prescribed Lewis ibuprofen as a remedy to lower inflammation

– This medicine is anti-inflammatory that reacts with chickenpox making the pupae deeper

-After Lewis’s worsening, we decided to take Hayley to the hospital because doctors at the health center kept saying it was a normal case of chickenpox. In the end, Lewis’s chickenpox resulted in septicemia, so he was hospitalized as soon as we got there. Symptoms of septicemia include: high fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and shortness of breath. It can be treated with antibiotics but it is necessary to do it on time. “Just because we persevered and we took Lewis to the hospital on his own he was able to recover and the thing was not over, although everything could have ended much worse were it not for the care he received to treat septicemia.

Parents around the world value Hayley’s effort to warn and help others to make this happen in other children. Hayley says: “I am so grateful that you all share my message and something can be done about it.” Be another to contribute to this cause , helping to share with your friends the consequences of using ibuprofen to treat chickenpox in children.


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