What Happens to Your Body 10 Hours After You Apply Nail Polish

We all want to look after our health in terms of exercise, and what we eat, but how often do you consider that your cosmetics may be damaging your health?

Applying nail varnish is part of most women’s beauty regime, but recent research has shown that your nail polish could actually be harming your health.

Toxic Nail Polish

The study conducted was on 24 women to find out what chemical toxins were present in their bodies.  Evidence of toxins were found in every participant, the source of these chemicals? It was their nail polish. The participants were tested just 10 hours after applying nail varnish and triphenyl phosphate was found to be present in every single participant.

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The chemical toxin was absorbed into the body just from the application of varnish onto the nails.

The same researchers followed up this study by testing 10 different nail polishes for triphenyl phosphate, and the chemical was discovered in 8 out of the 10. Worse still, 2 out of the 8 that tested positive had not disclosed this particular ingredient on the bottle, meaning that up to 20% of nail polishes sold in our country may possibly contain dangerous chemicals that aren’t listed on the bottle as an ingredient.

What exactly is Triphenyl Phosphate?

Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) is an undesirable ingredient in that it is known to disrupt humans’ endocrine system, the system that controls our hormones. Head researcher, Dr. Heather Stapleton stated “There is growing evidence suggesting that TPHP may affect hormone regulation, metabolism, reproduction and development”.

This is especially worrying considering the amount of young girl who are putting themselves at risk of absorbing this chemical, as healthy hormone development is essential to their growth.

However TPHP should be a worry for anyone at risk of being exposed to it. It has also shown to be:

– Neurotoxin (developmental effects)
– Endocrine Toxin
– Reproductive Toxin
– Skin irritant and allergies

Other dangerous ingredients we know are found within nail varnishes include:


Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that dissolves in water and in air meaning it is easily ingested. It gives nail varnish it’s pungent smell. It also produces symptoms such as a scratchy throat, asthma, and difficulty breathing. If you have a chronic illness you are more at risk from poisoning from formaldehyde.

– Toluene

Is known to impair development in children, some scientists even found traces of this in breast milk, and can also be a skin irritant.

– Dibutyl Phthalate

Often swaped  instead of TPHP, but it’s actually no better for your health. It holds similar health risks such as hormonal disruption and disruptions to the reproductive system.

Alternatives to Nail Polish

Thankfully there are alternatives to toxic nail varnishes, here are some other non-harmful options:
1. Honeybee Gardens produce a range of all natural nail varnishes which contain absolutely no traces of dangerous chemicals or carcinogens whatsoever.

2. Acquarella has a selection of over 50 nail polish colors, which are all water-based, and don’t contain any formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, mercury, or wheat products.

3. SpaRitual is a toxin-free nail varnish brand, and is also vegan.

4. Peacekeeper Cause-Metics has a selection of nail polishes that are infused with argan oil, as well as being toxin-free.

Source: www.organicandhealthy.org

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