My Cardiologist Unclogged My Arteries And Removed The High Blood Pressure With Just 4 Tablespoons

What we have noticed is that lately, natural medicine has become a respected place in the lives of many people and that most of them have found that natural remedies are much more effective.

Therefore, more and more people make the transition from conventional medicine to natural medicine, so this recipe that received a lot of attention in this type of medicine is the one that will let you know next.

This old German recipe combines three powerful ingredients: lemon, garlic and ginger, a recipe that many know, and we all know that each of these ingredients is very good for individual health. But what’s very important is that when these ingredients are combined into a single drug, we can achieve good results.

In fact, garlic releases an allicin ingredient that is important and affects as a natural antibiotic. Garlic is an excellent source of vitamin B6, which is indispensable for maintaining the immune system and good mood. Garlic is also rich in vitamin C, manganese and fiber, and is well known for its antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties.

Ginger has been used since ancient times, due to its anti-inflammatory, carminative, antiflatulent and antimicrobial properties, and is also well-known for being an excellent natural source of antioxidants. And it is also very useful for reducing inflammation, pain, digestive problems and more.

On the other hand, the lemon contains not only vitamin C. Also contains other vitamins (vitamin B, riboflavin) and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and proteins and carbohydrates are included in the composition of the lemon. So rich in vitamin C, and there are alkaline properties, which regulate the level of pH in the body.

The old German recipe for pressure and arteries


– Garlic (4 heads)
– Ginger (4 cm / 1.5 in)
– Lemons (4 units)
– Water (2 liters)

Preparation and use:

First, you need to wash lemons and ginger very well, chop the lemons into pieces, and then peel the garlic and ginger and pour all the ingredients into a blender, they will be liquid until you get a homogeneous substance.

Then pour this mixture into a pot and heat it, then slowly add the water and let it boil. Lastly, allow to cool the mixture, filter it and place it in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator.

From this mixture should be taken one glass each morning and it is also ideal to drink one cup 2 hours before falling asleep. Remember to mix the drink well before taking it so you can enjoy all of its benefits.

By drinking this mixture, our arteries will be as fresh in a short time without the fat that hinders them, and we will notice how our blood pressure is also regulated and stabilized. Start taking this syrup and you will feel new, and what will happen with its consumption is that your blood pressure will no longer be a problem for you.

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